Sunday, September 14, 2008

And the rain keeps falling down, down, down.....

It started raining on Friday and we have gotten over 7" by today, Sunday. We even made the Weather Channel yesterday!

Our little pond has turned into a small lake. We did need some rain but this is ridiculous!

EDIT: Over Fri/Sat/Sun we received 11.45" of rain from the remnants of Ike. That is a record setting amount of rain for South Bend. Some of our family and friends are without power and water. A couple of roads have sections that washed out and many have caution High Water signs taking them down to one lane. Where is all this water going to go?!?!?

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Kim said...

We got "na da" from Ike. The beaches got a lot of rough surf though. We need some of that rain here. We are back to the "brown and crunch grass" again. Hurricanes follow you anywhere. ;)