Thursday, October 14, 2010

And they said it wouldn't last!

On October 5th Mark and I celebrated 25 years of marriage.  I clearly remember our 5th anniversary and thinking 7 years seems so long!  But, boy, did those years fly by.  2 boys, 8 houses and 2 relocations later, I can honestly say I would do it all over again.

On our 10th anniversary our boys were 3 and 4 years old and we didn't want to go too far away or stay away too long.  So we chose to make a weekend trip to Saugatuck, Michigan.  We stayed in a charming Bed & Breakfast and had a wonderful time.

For our 25th we always thought we would take some fabulous trip somewhere exotic.  However, the reality is that our boys are now a senior in high school and a sophomore in college.  Next spring break we plan to take a fabulous FAMILY vacation to the caribbean.  Therefore we decided to once again to take a weekend trip back to Saugatuck!

This time I rented a charming 1880's farmhouse located just a few blocks from downtown.  The location was perfect and the home was as cute as can be.  However, just before leaving town I came down with a raging case of bronchitis (I'm still taking meds for it!) and while it did put a damper on the trip we still enjoyed our time alone.

Here are some pictures of the house.  Mark made good use of the kitchen, cooking all our meals while I napped in the family room.  Have a mentioned that I love this man?

On Sunday morning before we headed home we drove to downtown Saugatuck and took some photos of the main street.  The shopping in this town is fantastic.  I can't wait to return when I feel better.  Maybe at Christmas time.

One last stop at this farm stand and we headed home.

It was a great, relaxing time together.  Here's to 25 more blissful years!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Has Arrived!

My house shines in the fall. No really, it does! It was made for fall and winter decorating. I love warm and cozy colors and it is reflected in the paint colors I chose for our home.

When we lived in Florida everything was painted in cool tones. We practically lived outdoors by the pool and with all that sunshine fall colors just didn’t fit. But once we relocated back to Indiana I let my nesting instincts take over.

This weekend I got bit by the decorating bug and added some autumn d├ęcor to the house. I LOVE how it looks and how it feels.

Sadly, for Mark, this obsession with redoing is just getting started. I recently found two sensational decorating blogs that I’ve been scouring for ideas. If you need a little inspiration check out Centsational Girl and The Inspired Room.

But be warned. You will need to fill up your mug with hot tea and grab your favorite throw to cover up with before you sit down. You’ll be there awhile!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A day spent with family is always the best!

Sunday was a busy day by any definition!  We joined members of our family in Walking For Hospice and then met up with the rest of the clan to celebrate all the October birthdays. 

This is our second year in participating in the Walk for Hospice.  This wonderful organization has played a big role in our family in recent years.  Both Grandpa and then Grandma Stephens were blessed to have Hospice support when they needed them the most.  The support they gave to our family at that time was priceless.  There is no way we can ever really pay back all they have done for us but we feel like taking part in the Walk is a small way of showing our support.

Andy Zutter, Mark and Mr. Zutter walked as a team and covered at least 3 miles!

Aunt Connie and Mom cross the finish line and brought snacks for the whole table!

Mom, Aunt Connie and Dad come in for a much needed rest.

Abby made the sweetest memory heart for Grandma and Grandpa..  She colored it with hearts and balloons and posted it on the memory board.  Such a cutie pie!

Part of the team takes a break.  It was HOT out there.  Much different than last year when we froze!

I love this picture of Andy and Mark.  They have been friends for over 30 years! Andy was walking with his dad in memory of his mom who passed away last year.

After the walk we all headed over to Aunt Sue and Uncle Keith's to celebrate the October birthdays.  The birthday kids were Mom, Aunt Connie and Uncle Keith.

Alex is telling great-grandma the cupcake he wants.  I think is was the one with the bat ring on top!

Aunt Connie got lots of good smelling lotions and candles. 

Mom with her loot!

Uncle Keith is the "baby" of the bunch!

I've been blessed with the best family ever!  Spending an entire day with them is always the best kind of day!