Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Writer in the Family

Back in September of 2001 Mark's job took us to Tampa. Andy had just started 3rd grade in South Bend and he had to move part way into the year to a new school in Florida. I remember going to his first parent-teacher conference and being very nervous. I wondered how the transition had gone for Andy in the classroom and I wondered about this new school and new teacher.

Her name was Ms. Alonso and she turned out to be wonderful, as did Andy's conference. She told me what a good student Andy and especially what a great writer he was. In fact, she said, I set aside this paper he wrote about his cat. I thought you'd like to read it. I took the paper from her, read it, and had to agree, it was wonderful! Very descriptive and detailed. The only thing is.....Andy didn't have a cat. Never did, never will (I'm way too allergic). When I asked
Andy why he wrote about a cat he told me "I just felt like it". Too funny! And that's when we found out....Andy can write!

Last year Andy wrote a paper in school for a contest in which he ended up being a finalist. It was all about his trip to Washington, D.C. Again, a wonderful, well written paper. We were proud. And not a bit surprised that Andy could write a paper about a trip he had, in fact, never taken!
After all...Andy can write!

So this year, when Andy signed up for Newspaper at school, Mark and I thought that was a good idea. We knew he could write! Two weeks into the class Andy was made News Editor and assigned three stories to write. And this issue, the second of the year, all three of those stories appeared! Including the front page story on Homework, Too Much or Too Little.

Mark and I weren't surprised. After all...... Andy can write!

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