Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ellam Brothers

Bowling at Clay High School has a reputation to uphold. We are always the team the rest of the conference are gunning for with good reason. We've won conference the last 3 years in a row and should have no problem taking the title again this year.

The year before last one of the members of the girl's team won state and was elected the female bowler of the year in the state of Indiana. Last year one of our coaches was named Indiana High School Bowling Coach of the Year. A well deserved honor.

But this year Clay has a secret weapon.....The Ellam Brothers.

They were both on varsity last year but with Andy just a freshman he didn't bowl on a team with Ben much. But not this year. So far for the first two season scrambles and this past weekend's Tournament they have bowled together. With tremendous results! They are kicking it and taking names!

And mom and dad are having a blast watching!

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Patty Knight said...

Lisa - I'd love to come and watch sometime. Please let me know when I might be able come.