Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Has Arrived!

My house shines in the fall. No really, it does! It was made for fall and winter decorating. I love warm and cozy colors and it is reflected in the paint colors I chose for our home.

When we lived in Florida everything was painted in cool tones. We practically lived outdoors by the pool and with all that sunshine fall colors just didn’t fit. But once we relocated back to Indiana I let my nesting instincts take over.

This weekend I got bit by the decorating bug and added some autumn d├ęcor to the house. I LOVE how it looks and how it feels.

Sadly, for Mark, this obsession with redoing is just getting started. I recently found two sensational decorating blogs that I’ve been scouring for ideas. If you need a little inspiration check out Centsational Girl and The Inspired Room.

But be warned. You will need to fill up your mug with hot tea and grab your favorite throw to cover up with before you sit down. You’ll be there awhile!

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