Friday, May 15, 2009


Ben lives in the basement.

Well, technically it's a lower level walkout but Ben chose the one room without a window as his bedroom. This is because he wants complete darkness when he sleeps.

Mark and I agreed to this arrangement because, frankly, we had spent the last 15 years living on the same level with him and nagging, constantly, for him to clean up his room.

So, Ben lives in the basement. And Mark and I stay away as much as possible. He was allowed to paint it any color he wants (hence the lovely shade of green you see) and, for the most part, he can live in complete filth all he wants.

But all parents have their limits and once in awhile, when Mark or I must wander into his room, we reach ours. And then we insist he clean it up. NOW.

Today was one of those days. And, thanks to Kelli (have I mentioned how much I love this girl?) it got cleaned. And I have the photos to prove it.

These are the After shots. Wait a couple of days and I'll show you the Before.

They will make your skin crawl.........


Kim said...

How does Kelli feel about coming to Florida to help clean my kids room? Better yet, you and Kelli both come..... :)

Patty Knight said...

I can't help but find this hilarious because Kelli's room is a PIT!!!!!