Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ben graduated on Sunday ending 13 years of public school. Would I do public school again? Well, that's a discussion for another post!

But, back to Sunday. It all happened so fast. Not just the growing up years but the actual day! Pictures at the house at 11:30, down to the Century Center by 12:15, the ceremony started at 1:00 and was all over by 2:15. Wow, that was fast. Having a last name that starts with an E, Ben was towards the front of the class and got in line for the stage right away. I waited in anticipation to see if they would pronounce his name right, they did and he walked across so fast I couldn't get a good picture! It all happened so fast.

And the tears had already started for me. In front of Ben was Hannah and then Katie, then came Ben, Tommy, Cody, Matt and Tyler. Plus a bunch of classmates that Ben had graduated from kindergarten with. I cried a bit at each of their names and looked in wonder at the young men they had become. It was a bittersweet day for me.

Here are some photos taken before and after the ceremony. I got some good pictures during the service but NONE of Ben! I just couldn't get a good shot of him. Thank goodness for the professional photographer there!

With the family. Yes, my eyes are closed, arghhhh...

With the grandparents.

Ben and Matt before the ceremony.

The graduates! (Ben, Cody, Tyler and Matt)

Celebrating at Red Robin with Tyler's family. (Ben, Kelli, Kayley and Tyler)

It was a beautiful graduation and a gorgeous day. I'm so proud of him. Did I mention he graduated Cum Laude?........

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