Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Senior Night

Ever since Ben started playing High School baseball I sorta dreaded this night. Every year when the seniors and their parents were introduced I sat in the stands and cried. I was really worried I wouldn't be able to hold it together for Ben's senior night.

Well, tonight was the night. And I did fine! Of course, it all happened so fast it was a blur to me!

Here are some photos from tonight:

We had six seniors this year. We actually had seven but one didn't finish the season.

Here's a shot of the three of us on the field. Can you believe that Ben has been playing baseball for about 13 years and I have never been on a baseball field before?!?!?

Here's the group. Ben, Tyler, Cody, Matt and Lewis. Mark is missing from the photo.

Typical clowning around photo of Jackie, Barb and I. Jackie and I are looking at four more years together since Ben and Cody will be roommates at Manchester next year.

We still have a game in Kokomo on Friday, the Reinebold Classic this weekend and Sectionals starting next week. Ben hasn't played his final high school baseball game yet.

Let's see if I can hold it together that night.......

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