Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Run!

During the first game of the Reinebold Classic this morning Ben hit a beautiful 350 foot home run just left of center field! Of course, I didn't have my camera out and ready but I did get a few shots once he rounded the bases.
I managed to get a picture of him crossing home plate as the team ran out to congratulate him. Ben is #2.

And this one of the celebration continuing on his way back to the dugout. He is 5th from the left in this picture.

It was the second trip out to the field the team made this morning. Earlier Connor hit a home run. That was a back to back for Connor. He hit one last night down in Kokomo also.

And the inning before Tyler hit a beautiful triple that would have gone over the fence had it just had one more puff of air to carry it!

Game 2 is tonight at 7:00 pm. GO COLONIALS!

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