Friday, August 7, 2009

June 27, 2009

June through August is graduation party season. And we have been very busy this season. Our first party was in May and our last is today (August 9th). So far we have all been lucky and had no rain to ruin things. (Trish and Jim came close but the rain stopped at 3:59 and their party started at lie!)

The day of Ben's party was bright and sunny. We had rented a tent in case of rain but instead were grateful to have it for shade from the sun!

The party was scheduled from 2-4 but the first guests arrived at 1pm and the last left at 1am. It was a blast.

Here are some photos from the day.....

The late night crew! They made valient effort to float the keg but had to call it quits around midnight!

Tom Tom. One of Ben's friends from grade school. Off to Purdue next week!

That's my girl, Kelli. I get to keep her for another year. Thank goodness!

Tyler and Barb competing in the Cornhole Tournament which went on all day!

Matt and Katie, also off to Purdue.

Mom and Dad Knight. (Kelli's parents)

Mama Eck, Katie and Mama Morton. (Ben has many mothers besides take a village you know!)

Cody and Hannah. Cody is heading to the same college as Ben. Hannah is off to IU Bloomington.

Brendan and Kaitlyn.

The roomies!

More views of the tournament.
It turned out to be the perfect day. Lots of family and friends who celebrated with us, support us always and love our kids. Who can ask for more?

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